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For Inclusion people with disability training Awareness sessions for families of people with disabilities about community participation and integrating their family members into society

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Deadline for receiving offers: 30th June 2023

➢    The bidding for individual’s consultant and consultancy firms

➢    Documents to be submitted: –

  • Technical and financial Offer for the study, Financial offer to include consultant/consultancy firm training fees, travel cost, accommodation cost (if the
    consultant outside Aswan) and all these expenses will be settled by actual invoices.
  • Agency or company C.V (information about the company and research team).
  • C.V of the leading team.
  • Copy of Commercial register.
  • Copy of tax card.
  • Copy of VAT certification.

➢     Soft or hard copies to be sent to: – Hard copy: – by courier to address: Om Habibeh Foundation – EL Sadat road, opposite of Dr. Soliman Hospital, Aswan / Soft copy: – to e-mail address: –


  1. Background:

The Om Habibeh Foundation (OHF) is an Egyptian non-profit organization established in 1991 under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. OHF is the implementation agency for the Aga Khan Foundation Egypt and is an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network of organizations and was founded by Om Habibeh Mohamed Shah Aga Khan to contribute to and support local communities in the governorate of Aswan in areas including health care, education, and providing income for deprived communities through long-term development activities. OHF works in the following areas: Continuing Education, Civil Society, Agriculture and Food Security, Economic Inclusion, Women Empowerment and Early Childhood Development.

Om Habibeh Foundation will implement the project “Enhancing the community participation of youth and girls including people with disabilities, for better rehabilitation” funded by the GIZ – Equal Opportunities & Social Development (EOSD), which aims at strengthening social participation practices in targeted communities and develop capacities of rehabilitation entities. These activities will result in 1) building the capacities of government and civil leaders , in the area of integrating the target groups in society and ensuring their participation ,2( building the capacities of young women , men and people with disabilities in the areas of work and leadership skills, 3( facilitating access of young women , men and people with disabilities to the services provided to them in the community and 4( raising awareness of families of persons with disabilities to promote the inclusion and participation of their family members in the local community. 


  1. scope and purpose of work:

            Within the scope of the assignment, the consultant/consultancy firm is expected to provide consultancy services for the below-listed activities.

a)To conduct a training workshop to enhancing the capacities of government and civil leaders in Aswan in building inclusive plans for young men and women with disabilities, two group etch group 25 participant. Training programs may include the following topics:

  • The disabilities concept.
  • The most important challenges to working with people with disabilities.
  • Types of disabilities.
  • Community-based rehabilitation (CBR).
  • Inclusion people with disabilities.
  • Inclusion and community participation
  • The benefits of inclusion.
  • Designing an effective inclusion plan.

b) To provide 4 awareness sessions for parents who people with disabilities to raising awareness to promote the inclusion and participation of their family members in the local community.

c) Develop a detailed training manual.

d) Conduct the pre and post assessment for training participates.

  1. Targeted audience:
  • Government employee.
  • NGOs leaders and staff.
  • Parents people with disabilities.
  1. The key expected outcomes:

a) The trainee will be able to: obtain good knowledge on how to plan an effective inclusion people with disabilities on community participation activities and they have a plan.

b) For parents will able to: Encouraging their families members who with disabilities to participate in community activities.


5. Deliverables:

Reporting Products/Activities


Due date/

Deadlines for submission


Inception report

·         The report should include the following:

methodologies, training agenda, training session plan, training manual, , and a detailed mission timeline.  

Awareness sessions agenda , the key message  that will deliver.


To be submitted after a week of signing the contract

to be reviewed and agreed with OHF team

A three-day inclusion people with disabilities  training for two groups

·         Training materials package (session plan/ power point/ handouts- training manual )

·         Pre and post tests


·         Sample of delivered certificate for trainees.

·               Effective inclusion plans form.

Should be delivered within one week after agreeing on the inception   

to be reviewed and agreed with OHF team

Awareness session for 4 groups

·          (session plan/ power point/ handouts- ….etc.  )

·         Key message.


Should be delivered within one week after agreeing on the inception   

to be reviewed and agreed with OHF team


The consultant/consultancy firm should submit for plans that had been developed with each of the participants.  

Should be delivered to the project manager by the end of the mission.  

to be reviewed and agreed with OHF

Submit the final report

The consultant should submit the final report based on the comments and the recommendations of OHF team.

The report of the training that should include a summary of the training, the performance of the trainees and the recommendations of the trainer

Within 1 week from finishing the mission.

Report should be submitted in both Arabic and English languages

Note: reports should be submitted as hard copy and soft copy (in word doc. /excel)


6. Time Frame:

Exceeding 13 working days or as otherwise recommended.

Task 1 (3 days for two round training.).

Task 2 (4 awareness sessions for parents groups).

Task 3 (2 days for preparation).

Task 4 (1 day for reports).


  1. Payments:
  • Deliverables will be used as the basis for invoice processing and payment. The service provider will be held responsible for all the deliverables.
  • Payments will be made within 15 days upon the approval of the corresponding deliverables.
  • If the deliverables are not produced and delivered by the consultant to the satisfaction of OHF team, no payment will be made till the consultant update and modify the deliverables based on OHF requirements.




Signing the contract

Submitting all the needed legal documents

50% after signing the contract

Conducting training and awareness session

After delivering training’s and the awareness session final report

50 % of the total contract payment

 8. Required qualifications:

The consultant (and his/her team) should demonstrate the following qualifications:

– not less than 5of years of experience in the inclusion Parson with disabilities.

– Solid knowledge of in Egypt and previously worked in upper Egypt.

– Demonstrated experience conducting training . 

– Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Arabic.


9. Service Provider Selection Criteria

  • Proved the experience at least 5 years (Profile of the consultant explaining why they are the most suitable for the work, Relevant Experience, CVs.) ( 40%).
  • Detailed methodology and conceptual framework with expected deliverables and timelines, (40%)
  • Sample trainees certificates. (10%)
  • Completeness of response. (10%)

10. Contact Information:

Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to:

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