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Terms of Reference (TOR)

Partnership with consultancy firm

Development and organization of Career

Development Summit


    1. Background:



    The  Om  Habibeh  Foundation  (OHF),  an  affiliate  of  Aga  Khan  Development  Network,  is  currently operating   in   Aswan   a   seven-year   skills   development   initiative,   entitled:    “The    Aswan    Skills Development Programme (ASDP)”, in  collaboration with the Aga Khan  Foundation,  Egypt, the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), and funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC).


    ASDP focuses on improving the livelihoods of 6,000 young women and men in Aswan City and Kom Ombo District through strengthening the quality and range of vocational and technical training programmes, as well as professional development programmes to young women and men in Aswan Governorate. To achieve this goal ASDP focuses on achieving the following:


    1. 1. Improved prospects for employment and employability for young women and men in Aswan and

    Kom Ombo;

    1. 2. Improved job creation opportunities (self- employment, entrepreneurship) for young women and men in Aswan and Kom Ombo;
    2. 3. Strengthened local gender and environmentally sensitive labour market system to support young women and men in Aswan and Kom Ombo in entrepreneurship and employability.




    ASDP is built on the success of Om Habibeh Foundation’s Continuing Education Centre (CEC) which, since its inception in 2010, has become a leader  in English language,  IT training and Career guidance by the Career Development Center (CDC) in Aswan as well as in  Upper  Egypt.  Furthermore,  it  is  working  on  helping  young  male  and   female   to   be equipped by the need labour market skills and getting suitable job opportunities whither for white or blue collar.


    One of the CDC’s activities to support young women and men is to \organize the Career

    Development summit aiming at :




    1) Meeting the highest calibers of speakers with world class experience , all exploring the different career paths and knowing latest trends in the job market.


    2) Providing the youth of Aswan and upper Egypt the opportunity to gain new skills by participating inspecialized sessions in topics that respond to the different needs of community.


    3) Raising the awareness of young people in Aswan and upper Egypt of career coaching along with talks, panel discussions , mentorship and career circles will definitely boast their career.

    1. Tasks and Deliverables




        Develop 2 scenarios for the event and how it will be organized with event’s topics.

        Develop topics for the session.

          Creating all the design of the event ( a special platform or website for the summit with OHF 3 logos.)

          Promote that the event is powered by OM Habibeh and include logo and information in all posts and cover photo.

        Handling feedback after event and analyzing data and insights via reports in

    Arabic and English.

        Handling all registration and attendees target ( 3000 attendees)

        Launching the event on social media and managing all social media posts

    ( Facebook and Linkedin)

        Managing websites operations and technical part.

          Upload the list of speakers with their bios on the website after OHF approval on them

          Suggest speakers in different sectors and fields and offer to OHF their bios for approval .


    1. 4. Proposals will be evaluated based on the following set of criteria:


    1. 1. Develop 2 scenarios for the event and how it will be organized with the event’s topics.


    1. 2. Provide a suggestions list of: – topics for the session and  – 25 speakers in different sectors and offers to OHF their bios for approval .


    1. 3. Provide a clear plan for the career summit event ( preparation, implementation, and evaluation).




    –      Provide a full marketing plan including an outline for a special website/platform that shall host and promote for the event as well as providing the full event’s suggested theme.


    1. 4. The ability to reach 3000 targeted youth 40% from Aswan at least.




    1. 5. Launching the event on social media and managing all social media posts( Facebook and Linkedin)


    1. 6. Availability of the website to implementing the career summit.


    1. 7. Managing websites operations and technical parts and Upload the ( list of speakers with their bios on the website after

    OHF approval on them.


    1. 8. Have strong social media hubs that shall boost the reach and awareness for the event intended.







    1. Expected Time Frame:


    Deadline to receive technical and financial proposal July20,2021


    All logistics work should be completed on August 20, 2021

    The implementation of the career summit should be on October 2021 in 2 days. ( Friday

    & Saturday )

    1. Required qualifications:


    The service provider has their experience:


    – 3 years of previous similar experience in coordination and implementation the career summits

    – Provide at least 2 references from previous summits.


    1. 7. Commitment to Gender Equality:

    OHF is committed to achieving gender equality in labor market. Career summit organizers should ensure equal employment opportunity offered by employers where women and men are equally encouraged to apply. All applications should be treated evenly with respect to qualifications regardless of their gender by employers.


    OHF does not tolerate any forms of sexual harassment and discrimination.



    1. Contact Information:


    Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to: Mustafa Al Amir, Senior

    Procurement, OHF contact: 01067922282 Moustafa.elamir@akdn.org


    1. Deadline to receive the proposals at Aug 31, 2021.

Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to

Mostafa Al Amir, Procurement Senior Officer contact: 01067922282


Deadline for offer submission