Documentary Film- Profiling the programme’s impact on young women and men of Aswan – Aswan Skills Development Programme (ASDP)


Purpose: Documentary film for Aswan skills Development Programme (ASDP)
 Location: Aswan and Kom Ombo
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Background and Context

The Aga Khan Foundation Egypt (AKF, E) and Om Habibeh Foundation (OHF), in partnership with

Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKF, C) is currently implementing the Aswan Skills Development Programme (ASDP) – funded by Global Affairs Canada. ASDP is aims to improve the livelihoods of 6,000 young women and men in Aswan City and Kom Ombo District through improving prospects for employment, employability, and job creation opportunities (including self-employment and entrepreneurship) for young women and men and strengthening local gender and environmentally sensitive labour market system to support young women and men in Aswan in entrepreneurship and employability.

ASDP impacted the livelihoods of many young men and women who were able to enter new fields, join the labour market, or start their own businesses. In this regard, the aim of this consultancy is to produce a documentary film that profiles success stories from the programme, highlights the impact of the services provided to the youth, promotes upcoming activities within the programme, and encourages others to participate.  

Young men and women in Aswan face a combination of obstacles to enter the labor market including mismatched skills, access to affordable training, coaching, and mentoring that is directly linked to market requirements and needs, lack of information about labor market opportunities as well as challenges associated with norms and traditions in the enrolment of highly labor demanded professions including TVET jobs and nursing. In this regard, (ASDP) is designed to focus on the enhancement of employment and employability for at least 6000 young men and women in Aswan Governorate. To achieve its goal, ASDP will focus on the three intermediate outcomes:


  1. (1100) Improved prospects for employment and employability for young women and men in Aswan and Korn Ombo.
  2. (1200) Improved job creation opportumt1es (including through self-employment, entrepreneurship) for young women and men in Aswan and Korn Ombo.
  3. (1300) A strengthened local gender and environ men tally-sensitive labour market system to support young women and men in Aswan and Korn Ombo in entrepreneurship and employability


Since its inception, the programme managed to deliver a set of capacity building activities and trainings to young men and women in various fields including TVET, entrepreneurship, professional development, and other fields. These trainings were designed in cooperation with relevant market leaders to ensure the delivery of high-quality trainings and enable young people from Aswan to join the labor market.

The program succeeded in upgrading the skills of young women and men who managed to achieve their own career goals either by entering new fields in the TVET sector such as the solar energy field, others managed to access new jobs or get promoted after enrolment in the professional development courses delivered at the Continuing Education Center of Om Habibeh Foundation. In addition, many young men and women benefited from the entrepreneurship activities that aims at promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment as a career option.


Documentary objectives and deliverables

The documentary film aims at:

  1. Profiling success stories from ASDP and highlighting role models in untraditional professions
  2. Addressing the change that the project contributed to the lives of young women and men targeted in the project and their families.
  3. Development of a documentary about key success stories from all components (Continuing Education Center – Entrepreneurship – Technical and Vocational Education and Training – Career Development Center– Environmental sustainability and Gender components) throughout the duration of ASDP, as well as documenting and highlighting additional ASDP results in the final year of ASDP.
  4. The documentary should highlight the programme’s impact and success from the early beginning of its interventions in story telling format. Demonstrating how each component impacted the welfare of women and men in Aswan, with a special focus on ASDP’s impact in improving the economic status of women in Aswan
  5. The documentary is to be empathy driven, moving and motivational, told mainly from the perspective of the beneficiaries, with interviews and inputs from local communities, decision makers and the OHF staff.




In this regard, we encourage media agencies and/or media professionals (service providers) to present their proposals to undertake this assignment. The main deliverables within the scope of the assignment:


  1. Develop a storyboard and a detailed work plan and implementation strategy, a structure for the documentary and a script (in close consultation with the Project team) for comments and feedback.
  2. Produce five mini clips that shall be montaged from the main documentary produced (that summarizes the documentary to be presented in various settings)
  3. Submitting of all footage and raw materials of shooting (after each milestone accomplished)
  4. Produce a 25 – 30-minute video documentary in Arabic and subtitled in English at highest market quality standards, high-definition, fast paced and colorful, with clean stylistic touches addressing all the above-mentioned objectives. The entire film production i.e., filming, interviewing, editing, translation and subtitling, music (licensed) voicing/narration etc. should be done by the contractor, delivering a final ready-to-air product in broadcast standards and in HD technology format 16:9.


  1. Scope of work and requirements:


  • Filming with stakeholders (after taking and submitting their consent and approval of shooting by the service provider) as follows:


  • Graduates of ASDP courses or components.
  • Selected Partners (NGOs and Government representatives);
  • Families of the graduates.
  • Selected employers who employed ASDP graduates.
  • Senior management and project team of ASDP.


  • The minimum standards for the video quality are as follows:


  • Frame size and image dimensions 1440 pixels wide x 1080
  • Base temps 25 ips
  • Variable Bit Rate 18,50 Mbits/s max
  • Screen Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Interlacing Compatible version to be submitted
  • Other appropriate formats that enable the films to be uploaded by OHF and partners’ websites as well as social media hubs like YouTube, flicker, Facebook, etc.
  • Narration (voice over) in the documentary will explain activities. Background music will also be included (licensed). Voice over and background music will be determined upon receiving samples provided by the Service Provider.


  • No equipment will be purchased or provided by OHF. Any equipment needed to complete this assignment will be provided by the service provider and shall be high quality equipment that ensures the delivery of the expected premium film quality.


  • Note: A drone will be needed to shoot agricultural and other outdoor landscapes to capture high quality attractive shots to be included in the documentary (cultural aspects of Aswan in combination with our outdoor efforts)


  • Note: Smart transitions are recommended to be used (rather than black traditional transitions) as we aim to reflect the journey of ASDP in Aswan with the use of Aswani cultural and historical aspects as transitions.


  • Note: Color correction and lively colors need to be as is in the final product to be approved as we are looking for a product with professional color correction. (With clean stylistic touches)


  • The service provider is expected to present a financial offer including transport and accommodation fees that will cover the full duration of shooting the documentary


Expected Time frame

The service provider is expected to commence on September 1, 2021. The total duration of the service will be a maximum of 30 days from the date of the signature of the contract, with the submission of all deliverables according to the following timeline/proposal:

  1. Submission of the storyboard and the detailed workplan (3-4 days)
  2. Filming in Aswan (10 – 15 days)
  3. Editing, narration, etc. (7-8 days)
  4. Submit first draft of documentary- feedback from the team (4-5 days)
  5. Delivery of the final documentary (4-5 days)

The consultant will carry out the above-mentioned deliverables in compliance with AKF, E/OHF and under the supervision of the ASDP Senior Programme Manager and the Communications, Marketing and Policy Team of OHF.


  1. Qualifications:
  2. At least 7+ years of experience in producing documentaries including experience in documenting social issues in Egypt in a sensitive and ethical manner.
  3. Experience with international organizations and NGOs is an asset.
  4. Flexibility in responding to the needs of the contracting organization and prompt responses
  5. Experience in working in various governorates is an asset.
  6. Experience with filming with drones is an asset.
  7. Demonstrated experience conducting gender-sensitive assessments and knowledge of gender equality issues are an asset.
  8. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Arabic.
  9. Knowledge of the development context in Egypt, specifically related to economic development and employment in Upper Egypt.
  10. Access to highest quality filming, light, sound and editing equipment is mandatory.
  11. Track record of successful materials filmed in upper Egypt and/or on similar topics would be an asset


  1. Copyrights and archiving:


  1. Copyright of film and all raw materials (rough cut) belongs to OHF and should be provided after each milestone for comments and approval before going to the next task as well as handing all raw materials produced at the end of the execution process.
  2. AH materials (such as photos, case studies, etc.) in support of the implementation of the task will be provided by OHF office upon assignment of the concrete tasks.
  3. The supplier shall hold a copy of the footage and film for a period of two months after final delivery of the documentary
  4. The supplier has no right to use the footage taken or stored through production of this video for any other clients or purposes.
  5. Individuals included in the footage shall acknowledge and permit shooting them first and shall be within the scope of the component manager to make sure that our safeguarding standards are applied and that no one get captured without prior approval from him/her or their guardian.


  1. Application Procedure(s)

Agencies or individuals meeting the above criteria are invited to apply consisting of the following:

  1. Detailed technical proposal of not more than 4 pages clearly demonstrating a thorough understanding of this request for proposals and including the following:
  2. Description of the methodology to be utilized.
  3. Demonstrated previous experience in developing documentaries for development purposes (especially in upper Egypt, Aswan or with OHF/AKDN is a plus)
  4. A proposed time frame detailing activities and a schedule/work plan
  5. Team composition (director, composers, cameraperson(s), translators, etc.) and level of effort of each proposed team member
  6. Curriculum Vitae(s) of all proposed staff outlining relevant experience (annexed to the technical proposal)
  7. A consulting firm profile (portfolio of previous experiences with highlight on similar projects if applicable).
  8. Letter of interest, including the names and contact information of two previous clients who can be contacted regarding relevant experience, and which discloses any conflict of interest related to this mandate with AKF, E/OHF.
  9. A financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of costs for the assessment including transport and accommodation fees etc.
  10. Company legal documents such (Tax card, commercial registration, VAT if exist).

Proposals will be evaluated only if complete package as outlined above is received. Proposals will   be reviewed from the technical and the financial component based on the following criteria




Maximum Score   

Technical Component   

Expertise of the company or the applicant: samples of previous works of similar nature as well as full list of productions completed and in process, including references from previous clients


Education and technical experience of the team and the functional responsibilities of the key people to be engaged in the production of the documentary


Proposed methodology and approach of filming the documentary


Technical interview’s outcome 


Experience in working with NGOs especially in the development field in upper Egypt


Total Technical Component   


Financial Component


Financial proposal – break-down of all estimated costs, including estimated days of shooting, production team, days of editing, travel costs, music, etc.:


Total Financial Component   





Please email your application to Moustafa Elamir,  Senior Procurement: moustafa.elamir@akdn.org 

Please include the subject line ASDP documentary production proposal – ASDP

Enquiries can be made to the address of the Communication Manager: m.shaker@akdn.org (putting CC to the previous email also.

Proposals will be evaluated only if the complete package as outlined above is received.

Consultants/Agencies must provide complete contact details in their applications.            

Deadline: Proposals should be received not later than September 4th, 2021.

Shortlisted applicant(s) will be notified by end August and should expect to begin work as soon as possible.

Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to

Mostafa Al Amir, Procurement Senior Officer contact: 01067922282


Deadline for offer submission