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ASDP Knowledge Dissemination Document & Impact Factsheet



    1. Programme Background


    The Om Habibeh Foundation (OHF), an affiliate of Aga Khan Development Network, is currently operating in Aswan a seven-year skills development initiative, entitled: “The Aswan Skills Development Programme (ASDP)”, in collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation, Egypt, the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), and funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC).


    ASDP focuses on improving the livelihoods of 6,000 young women and men in Aswan City and Kom Ombo District through strengthening the quality and range of vocational and technical training programmes, as well as professional development programmes to young women and men in Aswan Governorate. To achieve this goal ASDP focuses on achieving the following:

    1. Improved prospects for employment and employability for young women and men in Aswan and Kom Ombo;
    2. Improved job creation opportunities (self- employment, entrepreneurship) for young women and men in Aswan and Kom Ombo;
    3. Strengthened local gender and environmentally sensitive labour market system to support young women and men in Aswan and Kom Ombo in entrepreneurship and employability.


    1. Purpose of the consultancy

    The purpose of this consultancy is to produce four (4) documents:

    1. Prepare four (4) case studies/profiles on ASDP female graduates of the entrepreneurship component to be developed and disseminated amongst stakeholders to showcase women entrepreneurs’ success stories in the community.
    2. Develop a paper on ASDP’s contribution to closing the gender gap in Aswan through its different interventions.
    3. Consolidate all the knowledge products and policy briefs developed during the duration of ASDP’s implementation and extract lessons learned
    4. Compile a factsheet of the programme’s results and achievements, to extract lessons learned. This will serve as part of ASDP’s legacy and will enable the programme to share its knowledge and recommendations with the government and key stakeholders and players in different sectors.


    The dissemination document, factsheet, Entrepreneurs’ Profiles, and Paper are all commissioned to target persons and organisations with prior knowledge about the program.

    Primarily, this communication is targeting ASDP stakeholders and partners as listed below:


    –   Governorate of Aswan (local authority) ​

    –    Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI)​

    –    Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS)​

    –    Ministry of Manpower (MoM)​

    –    Aswan University (AU)​

    –    Faculty of Nursing (FON)​

    –    Aswan University Hospital (AUH)​

    –    The National Council for Women (NCW)​

    –    Medium Enterprise Development Agency (MESMEDA)​

    –    Productivity and Vocational Training Department (PVTD) ​

    –   Aga Khan University​

    –   Magdi Yacoub Heart Hospital and Foundation​

    –   Seneca College​

    –   Camosun College​

    –   The British University in Egypt​

    –   Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport​

    –   The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (Am Cham) ​

    –   ASPIRE Company ​

    –   International Computer Driving License (ICDL)​

    –   GEN Egypt​

    –   Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE) ​

    –   Ahead of The Curve​

    –   Enactus​

    –   CHF, Management Consulting Services, Egypt​

    –   Levari Law Firm​

    –   Aswan Power Electronics Applications Research Center (APEARC)​

    –   Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)​

    –   Amadeus​

    –   Chemonics Egypt ​

    –   Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Benban Solar Energy Park​

    –   Scatec, Benban Solar Energy Park​

    –   Facilities Management Consulting (FMC)​

    –   International Labor Organization (ILO)​

    –   German Development Agency (GIZ)

    –   Sama foundation ​

    –   El- Hagandeia CSO​


    • In addition to OHF’s existing and potential donor base who would be interested in seeing evidence of the impact of OHF’s work when considering funding other OHF programs.
    • The second target of the knowledge dissemination document, factsheet, case studies, and policy paper is ASDP’s donor organization, Global Affairs Canada, to highlight the legacy and impact of the programme as well as encourage further funding for OHF.
    • Other community members that program implementers are looking to raise their awareness of OHF’s profile of projects and impact.


    • Scope of Work & Deliverables
    • Kick off meeting with ASDP senior management team to get a full and comprehensive understanding of the programme and the assignment, as well as agree on the list of documents to be shared with the consultant.
    • Conduct desk review over the existing documentation on the preselected thematic lines (materials) that provide information on the current project status. Documents to be reviewed might include but not limited to: (Logical Framework, Project Implementation Plan, Annual Reports, Lessons Learned, Performance Measurement Framework, Gender Equality Strategy, studies, and policy briefs developed during the ASDP life Sycle etc.)


    • Dissemination document for ASDP knowledge products:

    Consultant will provide document compiling and summarizing ASDP Knowledge products  that have been developed or produced within the past (6) six years, in not more than (20) twenty pages, in Arabic and English for the purpose of knowledge sharing and dissemination. The development of this document requires:

    • Reviewing and classifying the information shared by ASDP team, determining what important elements of the knowledge products should be included.
    • Designing a simple template for the dissemination document (including layout and content), and draft the content including any supporting illustrations to enhance the presentation and facilitate communication.


    • ASDP Factsheet:

    The consultant will develop a factsheet documenting ASDP results and achievements over the ASDP life cycle, in not more than (4) four pages, in Arabic and English. The development of the ASDP fact sheet requires:

    • Review, and analyze information and documents shared with the consultants and the results of informant interviews with senior management team.
    • Outlined the important elements and results to be used for formatting the factsheet.
    • Design a final template of ASDP factsheet.
    • Draft the content including any supporting illustrations to enhance the presentation and facilitate communication.


    • Case Studies/Profiles Showcasing Entrepreneurs Success Stories:

    The consultant will draft four (4) case studies on ASDP female graduates of the entrepreneurship component to showcase women entrepreneurs’ success stories in the community.  The development of the case studies requires:

    • Meeting with Entrepreneurship manager, Gender Advisor, and Communication Manager to align on the objective of the assignment, case studies’ format, and key information to highlight.
    • Interview entrepreneurs and a get a deep understanding of their journeys, struggles, support received from ASDP and OHF, and finally their success and future plans.


    • Paper on ASDP contributions in closing the Gender Gap in Aswan:

    The consultant will develop and prepare a paper on ASDP’s contribution to closing the gender gap in Aswan’s labour market through its different interventions, including in entrepreneurship, continuing education, career development, TVET, and agribusiness, in addition to its gender-specific awareness raising and capacity-building efforts for different stakeholder groups. The development of the case studies requires:

    • Meeting with Gender Advisor, and Communication Manager to align on the objective of the assignment, the paper’s format, and key information to highlight.
    • Review and analyze relevant documents (Logical Framework, Project Implementation Plan, Annual Reports, Performance Measurement Framework, Gender Equality Strategy), as well as interview other ASDP staff, beneficiaries, or partners as necessary.


    • The drafts of all documents (knowledge dissemination document, factsheet, case studies, and paper) should be reviewed and agreed upon by OHF team.
    • Provide a time sheet and report of work done.
    • All material shared by OHF with the consultant and obtained by consultant in the course of this assignment will be delivered to OHF at the end of the assignment and will remain the property of OHF and will not be used by the consultant in any way.
    • Recommendations of additional knowledge management products that can be designed, compiled and used to disseminate lessons learned


    1. Expected Timeframe

    A total of 50 days, working in parallel as follows:

    • For deliverables (1) Dissemination document for ASDP knowledge products and (2) ASDP Factsheet: A total of twenty-five (25) working days from obtaining all ASDP documents.
    • For deliverable (3) Case Studies/Profiles Showcasing Entrepreneurs Success Stories: A total of twenty (20) working days from obtaining all supporting documents.
    • For deliverable (4) Paper on ASDP contributions in closing the Gender Gap in Aswan: A total of fifteen (15) working days from obtaining all supporting documents.


    1. Qualifications
    • Proven experience (a minimum of five years) in preparing similar dissemination materials by providing references.
    • Minimum of five years of experience in preparation of the assigned communication and documents (i.e.: technical reports, knowledge products, case studies, policy papers, developing documentation and dissemination)
    • Demonstrated experience in promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in an international development context;
    • Exposure to projects with a focus on TVET, employment, entrepreneurship, and non-governmental organization projects.
    • Excellent English and Arabic language skills (spoken & written).
    • Ability to write, review, and edit reports. Please provide proof through previous work and references.
    • Experience working with AKDN, OHF or in Upper Egypt is a plus.



    1. Application Procedure

    Agencies or individuals meeting the above criteria are invited to submit an application consisting of the following:

    1. Letter of interest, including the names and contact information of two previous clients who can be contacted regarding relevant experience, which discloses any conflict of interest related to this mandate with OHF.
    2. Detailed technical proposalof not more than 4 pages clearly demonstrating a thorough understanding of this request for proposals and including the following:
    • Description of outline and approach;
    • A proposed timeframe detailing activities and a schedule/workplan (including a Gantt chart);
    • Team composition and level of effort of each proposed team member, as appropriate;
    • Curriculum Vitae(s) of all proposed staff outlining relevant experience (annexed to technical proposal)
    1. financial proposalwith a detailed breakdown of costs for the assessment, using the following template, as applicable (where necessary, please include footnotes to explain assumptions made):
    • Summary of costs


    Item Cost (EGP)
    Consultancy fees  
    Administrative expenses  


    • Itemized consultancy fees/costs for all team members(if applicable)


    Name  Title Days Daily Rate (EGP) Total (EGP)



    • Itemized administrative expenses (e.g. phone credit, stationery, etc.)


    1. A copy of a previous report of work undertaken on a similar assessment
    2. A consulting firm profile (if applicable)
    3. Legal papers: tax card, commercial registration, VAT (if applicable)


    Evaluation of proposals will be weighted at 70% for the technical component and 30% for the financial component.

    Proposals will be evaluated based on the following set of criteria:

    Criteria Maximum Score
    Technical Component  
    Demonstrated experience in conducting and preparing similar documentation and communication material, through providing at least three samples of work in Arabic and English. 10
    Demonstrated experience working on projects in relevant interventions similar to those of ASDP (TVET, Employment, Entrepreneurship) 10
    Relevant education and technical experience of consultant/team 10
    Gender equality experience and approach 10
    Proposed outline and approach (technical proposal should demonstrate a strong understanding of purpose of the consultancy and target group) 20
    Experience working in international development 5
    Previous work experience in Upper Egypt and/or with the AKDN 5
    Total Technical Component 70
    Total Financial Component 30


    Please send any questions you may have to the email address below.

    Agencies or individuals meeting the above criteria are invited to submit an application by email to:

    Mr. Moustafa El-Amir 

    Senior Procurement Officer 

    Om Habibeh Foundation 



    Please indicate in the subject line: “ASDP Knowledge Dissemination Document & Impact Factsheet”.

    Proposals will be evaluated only if the complete package as outlined above is received.

    Consultants/agencies must provide complete contact details in their applications.

    Proposals should be received no later than October 22nd, 2021.  and should expect to begin work as soon as possible.

Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to

Mostafa Al Amir, Procurement Senior Officer contact: 01067922282


Deadline for offer submission