Terms of Reference (TOR)

Terms of Reference for development of a five-year business plan and model for both satellite centres in Selwa and West Aswan

  • Background and Context of the Consultancy:

 Om Habibeh Foundation (an Egyptian non-governmental organization affiliated to the Aga Khan Development Network ‘ AKDN ‘ ) established it Continuing Education Center (CEC) in 2010 in Aswan with aim of offering high quality educational and skills development short term courses. Since its establishment till 2015, CEC offered various certificated and tailored short- term courses and trainings that attracted different types of learners. The CEC offerings included English language enhancement programs, IT basic and specialized courses, soft skills and some tailor-made programs along with students’ assessment and testing.

 In 2015, Om Habibeh Foundation was granted an ambitious programme ‘Aswan Skills Development Progarmme (ASDP) funded by Global Affairs Canada and supported by the Aga Khan Foundation. One of the main outcomes of ASDP to strengthen the capacity of the CEC to become a market-responsive, dynamic, and gender and environmentally sensitive institution that provides short, timely trainings that emulates the needs of the labour market system in Aswan. ASDP enabled the CEC to offer various trainings and capacity building activities to fill a wide gap in the Aswan training market to different target groups in Aswan including young men and women from 16-35 years in urban and rural areas of Aswan and Kom Ombo as well as representatives from public and private sector employees in Aswan as well as representatives from the civil society in Aswan. These offerings include (and not limited to) the delivery of employability, professional and management trainings seeking to enter the job market or improve their employment status in addition to the delivery of a comprehensive entrepreneurship trainings to encourage young women and men in Aswan to choose self-employment as a viable career option.

 In May 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was developed and signed between OHF/ ASDP and MOY to refurbish and equip two satellite centres at two Youth Centres: one in Selwa village’ Youth Centre (Kom Ombo district) and the Youth Centre in the West Aswan village to maximize access of rural populations to ASDP activities. ASDP’s focus at these locations is the delivery of Employability skills programs and professional skills training to young women and men, and to help connect them to services at the Career Development Centre (CDC).  Approximately 200 young women and men (50% women) will benefit from these services delivered at the two satellite centres in Selwa and West Aswan.


  • Purpose of the Consultancy

 In order to ensure the sustainability of the two Satellite Centres financially and to continue delivering professional skills training, OHF requests proposals by qualified Consultant to develop of a five-year terms (2021 -2025) business plan, financial plan and detailed cash flow projection over a period of five years (in Excel). 

  • The key expected outcomes of the assessment include:
  • Scope and Focus of the Consultancy and Major Tasks: 

The Consultant will carry out all major tasks in consultation with the ASDP/CEC team. The consultant will perform the following tasks at a minimum: 

  1. Develop an inception report that outlines the scope of the work required to deliver the five-years terms (2021 -2025) business plan, financial plan and detailed cash flow projection, including an action plan for the delivery of this work (i.e. outline of all tasks, timelines, and dates of output delivery); 
  1. Review internal reports about ASDP, budgets and other financial documents, and relevant national policies / market assessments;
  2. Participate in pre-assignment discussions with relevant stakeholders; 
  1. Review of Secondary Data with Stakeholders and ASDP/CEC Team;
  2. Undertake a quick market assessment about the training providers in Kom Ombo and West Aswan;
  3. Carry out competitor analysis of the training providers in Kom Ombo and West Aswan;
  4. Review the satellite centres bylaws and regulations and come up with recommendations for sustainability of ASDP results within the two satellite centres;
  5. Facilitate a meeting with ASDP/CEC Team and partners to present, discuss and review the draft business plan and financial model before it is finalised; and
  6. finalize and submit the business plan and financial model. 
  • Deliverables for this assignment include:  
  • Develop a five-year sustainable business plan for the Two Satellite Centres that: (i) elaborates the proposed detailed list of services/courses that the Satellite Centres will offer; and (ii) includes well-defined roles and responsibilities for the Satellite Centre’s principal staff and partners.
  • Develop / update and refine a five-year financial plan and model (submitted in Excel) which promotes the financial viability and sustainability of the institution. The financial plan and model should incorporate:
    • A detailed revenue generation model with realistic budget projections, projected revenue streams and operating expenditure;
    • Detailed cash flow projection over a period of five years;
    • Review the satellite centres bylaws and regulations and come up with recommendations for sustainability of ASDP results within the two satellite centres.
    • Risk analysis of the proposed investments; and


  • Expected Time-Frame 

The consultancy firm is expected to commence on June 24th, 2021. The total duration of the consultancy will be a maximum of 25 days with the submission of all deliverables by August 31st, 2021. 

  • Qualifications

 The Consultant should have skills, credentials and attributes as follows: 

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in business administration, finance, accounting or economics.
  • 5+ years of relevant experience related to social entrepreneurship, business planning, financial modelling, project development and management, financial planning and management;
  • Experience analysing costs and expenditures, and preparing cash flow forecasts budgets;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • The ability to write reports, analyse information and present findings.
  • The ability to engage confidently and constructively with individuals from many different cultures and professional backgrounds; and
  • Proficiency in Word, PowerPoint and Excel (advanced);
  • Experience working in Upper Egypt and government entities.
  • Ability to incorporate gender considerations and come up with a gender-responsive sustainability plan that takes into account the 50% female target audience.

 Proposals will be evaluated only if complete package as outlined above is received. Proposals will be first reviewed from the technical component based on the following criteria:



Maximum Score

Demonstrated experience in conducting similar sustainable business plan for education centres and Governmental entities. (Provide similar business plans from previous work is a must),


Education and technical experience of the Consultant or the company’s profile.


Duration of the consultancy


Financial proposal


Total Technical Component


 XIII: Inquiries meeting:

An inquiring meeting will hold at 6th June 2021 at 1.00 : 2.00 Pm, according to the written questions you will send before to the contacts mentioned above, the meeting will be online by invitation will be sent for who interested to join.

 Consultants meeting the above criteria are invited to submit an application by 14th June 2021 across email with the reference “CEC Manager” to Moustafa Elamir, Senior Procurement Officer – Om Habibeh Foundation


e-mail: Moustafa.elamir@akdn.org


Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to

Mostafa Al Amir, Procurement Senior Officer contact: 01067922282


Deadline for offer submission