Job fair training consultant for Stakeholders

  1. Project Background


Job fair training consultant for Stakeholders



The Aswan Skills Development Program (ASDP) is a five-year, $12.5 million program designed to improve the livelihoods of 6,000 young men and women ages 18-35 in Aswan city and Kom Ombo District. To achieve this goal ASDP will focus on achieving the following intermediate outcomes: (1100) improved prospects for employment and employability for young men and women in Aswan and Kom Ombo; (1200) improved job creation opportunities (self-employment, entrepreneurship) for young men and women in Aswan and Kombo; and (1300) improved performance of labour market stakeholders in employment and employability mechanisms for young men and women in Aswan and Kom Ombo. The project’s theory of change is that by improving: (i) access to and quality of market-responsive TVET, professional skills and entrepreneur development training, and support services; (ii) knowledge of labour market needs and best practice; and (iii) the ability of labour market actors to collaborate, the project will result in increased employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young women and men. These changes will lead to improved livelihoods for young women and men and their families.


II.  Background for the Consultancy


ASDP is hiring a consultant to conduct a job fair online and offline training in 3 days for our stakeholders and partners to build their capacity to organize and arrange virtual and offline job fair to guarantee the sustainability of the service in Aswan.. The consultancy should also have experience in training and arranging offline and virtual job in upper Egypt.


The Consultant will be responsible for delivering the training in Arabic language and delivering all required handouts and materials in Arabic Language.



III.  Purpose of the Consultancy


The purpose of this consultancy is to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanism in arranging an online and offline job fair in an effective way to our stakeholders.

ASDP is looking for a well-qualified consultant to conduct the training in three full days to our stakeholders to build their capacity in arranging an online and offline job fair under the monitor of Om habibeh foundation to guarantee the sustainability of providing this service in the future.



IV.  Scope and Focus of the Consultancy, Major Tasks and Specific Deliverables


The Consultant will carry out all major tasks in consultation with OHF. The consultant will perform the following tasks at a minimum:


  1. Conduct training workshop for ASDP partners on online and offline job fair with all the logistics and techniques
  2. Document the training and the processes
  3. Provide the training on Arabic language with job fair results (# of companies, # of vacancies, # of applicants. etc.) and stakeholders’ performance.
  4. Provide a final report about the
  5. Introduction of job fair (Concept – objectives – needs assessment
  6. Providing the planning process of the online and offline of the job fair
  7. Coach and mentor, in collaboration with the CDC staff and relevant stakeholders to organize an online job fair to take place before March 2021 under the monitoring and coaching of the consultant and Om Habibeh Foundation.
  8. Develop Marketing plans of the virtual and offline job fair on the social media ( Facebook, LinkedIn and what’s up groups)
  9. Simulations of the virtual and offline Job fair as part of the coaching and mentoring.






Data analysis and data quality method should be identified. ensure that all data is disaggregated by gender, age group, district, sector, and other relevant categories.





This assignment will take place on last week of July 2021 for 3 days.





VIII.  Consultant Qualifications and Experience


The consultant should meet the following criteria in terms of qualifications, technical competencies, and experience:


1.       In previous works in implementing virtual and offline job fair training.

  1. Experience in upper Egypt and/or in the region is





IX.  Reporting


The consultant will report to the deputy of senior program manager, CEC Manager and CDC unit Lead.



Confidentiality and record of rights


All materials, reports and other documents produced by the consultant under this consultancy will be the sole property of Om Habibeh Foundation. The consultant will maintain high level of confidentiality with external actors/stakeholders, with regard to all the materials and reports

produced under the consultancy



.Contact Information:


Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to: Mustafa Al Amir, Senior Procurement officer,


OHF contact: 01067922282




Deadline: Proposals should be received not later than 30th June 2021 Shortlisted applicant(s) will be notified, and should expect to begin work as soon as possible.

Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to

Mostafa Al Amir, Procurement Senior Officer contact: 01067922282


Deadline for offer submission