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Terms of Reference (TOR)

Marketing and Branding agriculture product  Trainer

for the Aswan Skills Development Program (ASDP)

I. Project Background

The Aswan Skills Development Program (ASDP) is a five-year program designed to improve the livelihoods of 6,000 young men and women ages 18-35 in Aswan city and Kom Ombo District. To achieve this goal ASDP will focus on achieving the following intermediate outcomes: (1100) improved prospects for employment and employability for young men and women in Aswan and Kom Ombo; (1200) improved job creation opportunities (self-employment, entrepreneurship) for young men and women in Aswan and Kombo; and (1300) improved performance of labour market stakeholders in employment and employability mechanisms for young men and women in Aswan and Kom Ombo. The project’s theory of change is that by improving: (i) access to and quality of market-responsive TVET, professional skills and entrepreneur development training, and support services; (ii) knowledge of labour market needs and best practice; and (iii) the ability of labour market actors to collaborate, the project will result in increased employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young women and men. These changes will lead to improved livelihoods for young women and men and their families.

II. Background for the Consultancy

In 2015, Aswan Skills Development Program (ASDP) conducted a Baseline Labour Market Assessment (BLMA) aiming to identify potential sectors for employment especially in agri-business area, though the BLMA did not provide sufficient information on that area. According to the BLMA, ASDP’s primary opportunity in the agriculture industry lies in enhancing skills, practices and techniques in the final stages of agriculture-based value chains. The BLMA recommended that ASDP should support the development of agri-businesses, specifically related to sales and distribution, processing and retail, and export, through an innovation and entrepreneurship scheme combined with an agri-business skills development program. Food safety, food handling, personal hygiene and drying techniques have been identified by the BLMA as weak links within the distribution and processing segments of agricultural value chains where ASDP can intervene. However, the BLMA did not provide sufficient in-depth information to formulate a detailed strategy for ASDP’s interventions in agribusiness employment and entrepreneurship.


To cover this the ASDP hired a consultant to conduct an assessment to obtain a deeper understanding of the agribusiness industry in Aswan and Kom Ombo districts, particularly as it pertains to young women and men’s employment and entrepreneurship. It aimed to understand the gendered elements of agricultural value chains including gender differentiated roles, constraints, opportunities, and skill requirements associated with women’s engagement in these value chains. The result showed that Tomato, Dates, herbs are some of  the potential crops in Aswan

III. Purpose of the Consultancy

Today,  TVET  is  working on Sun-dried tomato  and  producing  molasses from  dates  through  working with  two CSOs .  As part of the capacity building of those CSOs in  the area  of agri-businesses  some training   needs  such  as  :     I)  agriculture  value  chain  in  the  respective crops,   (2)personal  and  food hygiene,  (3)  contracting,  (4)  marketing and  branding.     In  this  consultancy  the  there  is  a  need  for marketing and branding.

 The objectives  of the consultancy are as follows:

 a) Build  the two  CSOs and  females  who   are  working  in sun-dried tomato and dates molasses knowledge in marketing and branding  Sun-dried tomato and dates molasses that allow them to market their products

 The key expected outcomes of the assessment include:

 a) Develop  training  material  on  sun-dried  tomato  and dates  molasses marketing  and  branding

b) conduct  training  for the two   CSOs  who  are  working  in sun-dried tomato and dates Molasse .

c) Provide recommendations on how to enhance CSOs abilities more beyond the training d)   Work with the two CSOs in developing their marketing and branding plans

e) Provide training report

women’s employment and entrepreneurship in agribusiness

  1. g) To identify potential partners for implementation of the agribusiness interventions. h)   Work with the TVET team in market linkages

 The key expected outcomes of the assessment include:

a) Action plan for ASDP intervention on the three selected crops

  1. b) Provide weekly technical support for target groups (farmers, CSOs and young females who do activities from home) whether pre or post harvesting that is needed to ensure a high quality crop ready for the processing phase
  2. c) Create training materials for each training topics whether for crops care, processing, or other such as Food safety, food handling, personal hygiene and drying techniques.
  3. d) Each crop has a group of linkage that support marketing and sustainability for the activity

V Expected Time Frame

Exceeding 30 working days within the period of September 2019 to March 2020

Required qualifications:

The consultant he/she should demonstrate the following qualifications:

not less than 10 of years of experience in are of agri-business especially in

Tomato, dates and Mango crops

Has a good and well-known reputation among agriculture entities

Has experience in providing technical support and market linkages and develop and deliver training

able to work with farmers, community members and CSOs

has good relation with agriculture entities that allow him/her to build relation between ASDP communities and CSOs

If the consultant can meet the additional criteria below, this would present an added advantage:

 Knowledge of the development context in Egypt, specifically related to economic development and employment in Upper Egypt;

Prior working experience with AKF/AKDN.

Contact Information:

The submission of proposals, quotations and any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to: Mr. Moustafa Elamir, Senior Procurement Officer, OHF  via email: 


Consultants must provide complete contact details in their applications. Deadline January 9, 21021.

Any questions concerning this assignment should be directed to

Mostafa Al Amir, Procurement Senior Officer contact: 01067922282

Deadline for offer submission